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Welcome to Hemlock Hill House (HHH), Downtown Overland Park’s most sought after Halloween attraction for thrill seekers of all ages!  The Triple H is the brainchild of John and Bert Bestor which began as a simple wedding vow over two decades ago and has morphed into what you’re about to experience!  Revel in the grandeur and lost hope of The Stirring Witch, the Grave thoughts of Mr. Digger, come see what Piper, Prue and Pheebee have brewing or partake in the wickedly lighter side of Jack and Statler. 

Come one and come all, they do this for all the enjoyment of the community whether you be 3 or a decidedly UNDEAD 333!

Sincerely, Nev R. Found - Circa 1991

Open 7 Days a week  through Halloween!
From Dark until 10PM!



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