hemlock hill house

The Witch's Brew

I want to take the opportunity to thank all the people who help us set up the yard haunt every year.  The best neighbors in the world! Sarah who helps us year round, muscle, sounding board and moral support.  Sammie for taking days of vacation to haul props to and from basement, sheds and where ever else we have storage and of course giving us great ideas and support.  Keith for hauling and climbing ladders and inspiration, muppet man.  Newbie Janie for her yard and electricity and her crew for being part of our Halloween family. Sherry for giving us her time, she is a very good painter.  And Charlie for producing videos that make us looks better and better every year. And all the people who listen to our ideas and give constructive and unsolicited opinions, your the BEST.

Most of all though, I'd like to thank Grant Winter.  Beyond being devastatingly handsome coupled with a wildly unparalleled wit, he's also insanely strong and does the work of a minimum 10-20 mules.  Without him we'd all be insanely lost. 
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